since 2000
International Consultant, freelance
key activities: market research, project management, undertaking exhibitions, product and market training,
development and coordination of marketing strategies, export consulting areas of expertise: cosmetics,
cutlery, film, pharmaceutical, plumbing, textiles, tourism

1997 - 2000
Project Manager
Latin America - Kadabell GmbH (Wella AG)
key activities: market research, originating market strategies and their implementation,
product and market training, product registration with the health authorities, organisation of exhibition stands,
training of an export area manager

1989 - 1998
President (honorary) of Aktion Glücksspiel e.V., non-profit association in Germany
key activities: counselling, press conferences, participation in specialist conferences, furnishing legal opinions,
interviewed on radio and television, consultant to the German government and the European Commission

1995 - 1996
Producer International - Huschert Realfilm GmbH
key activities: necessary preparation for the shooting of films, obtaining of permission to film,
recruitment of specialist personnel on site

1992 - 1995
Sales Manager
Overseas Markets (Europe, Africa, Near East, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America) -
J.A.Henckels Zwillingswerk AG, Solingen
key activities: support of existing customers, open up new markets, product training,
organisation of exhibition stands

1988 - 1991
Export Manager
- cápita GmbH

Tourist Guide
- Club Méditerranée

1985 und 1987
Export Assistant
- cápita GmbH

Tourist Guide
- NUR - Touristik

1982 - 1983
Employee in a notary’s office

1981 - 1982
Interpreter, translator, export assistant

1976 - 1981
Music teacher and organist (during my studies)
Professional Background
IHK Bonn
Commercial Correspondent of the German Chamber of Commerce

1976 - 1981
Hispanics degree at the universities of Seville and Granada
Language Skills
German, native language
English, fluently
French, fluently
Italian, fluently
Spanish, fluently
Portuguese, fluently
Arabic, good colloquial knowledge
Modern Greek, good colloquial knowledge
Thai, good colloquial knowledge
Polish, good basic knowledge
Hungarian, good basic knowledge
Computer Skills
MS Office XP Professional

Management, Cutlery
Export, Textiles
Hairdressing market, Tourism
Cosmetics, Administrative law
International Experience
intense travelling to almost all countries, living for months in Italy, France and for years in Spain

Near and Middle East countries, South East Asia, China, India - private and business trips on a very regular basis

North America
USA and Canada - business trips on a regular basis, Mexico,
Central America and the Caribbean - business trips on a very regular basis, living for months in Panama and Mexico

South America
intense travelling to all countries, living for years, job-related, in Argentina and Brazil

Australia, New Zealand and pacific Islands - business trips on a regular basis

North Africa - living for months in Tunisia and Morocco, Central Africa - some business trips,
South Africa - business trips on a regular basis